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The Database DevOps Revolution

Learn the latest on database release automation, source control and version control

Key Takeaways

  • 1 Release faster while improving quality with smart automation for your database
  • 2 Manage all changes made to database code, structure, or content across all teams. Maintain a single source of truth for all database changes.
  • 3 Put everything together in an integrated DevOps pipeline

On Demand Webinar

Meet the Speakers

Yaniv Yehuda

Yaniv Yehuda

CTO and co-founder at DBmaestro


What will you learn?

While DevOps has been widely adopted to quickly deploy development changes when it comes to databases, only 12% percent of organizations are able to deploy database changes daily.

In this webinar we will cover how you can utilize DBmaestro and common DevOps tools to push your organization towards database delivery automation in order to:

  • Avoid downtime and system crashes
  • Improve collaboration between developers and DBAs
  • Shorten feedback loops
  • Deliver faster while improving quality
  • Optimize DBA time
  • Simplify compliance and audit processes

Automate and accelerate database releases while mitigating risks and seamlessly integrating database CI/CD into your DevOps toolchain


Discover how you can reduce manual work and automate code reviews to save time and improve quality


Understand how you can build, test, deploy and verify database schema migrations, accelerate feedback loops and boost cross-team collaboration


Learn how you can accelerate your release pipeline with
DBmaestro while ensuring secure, seamless, and audited
high-quality releases, every time.