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Let us show you how database continuous delivery can play a critical role in fast and safe application shipping, while reducing critical application downtime.Demo.png
Join our demo and learn how:

  • To identify the gaps in database automation and analyze why there is a mistrust in automation for the database and the steps to overcoming it 
  • To enforce database change policy
  • Our solution integrates fully into your current development environment, working seamlessly with task-based systems, ALM tools, and other build-and-release automation software.
  • To enhance database security and regulatory compliance

See why Barclays, Visa, Isracard (MasterCard), Frost Bank, Thomson Holidays, and Bank Leumi use our DevOps for Database solution.

DBmaestro engineer, Cindy Bean, gives a free 45-60 minutes demo of our DevOps for database solution each Thursday. Just pick the best time for you.