Top 5 Best Database Software Solutions for More Agile Development

Figuring out the most efficient database development solutions can prove critical in avoiding potential pitfalls and effectively dealing with today’s rapid business cycles.

“Time is money” is not just a cliché term that is thrown around in long, drawn out, inefficient business meetings. For database development teams, maximizing competence, performance, adaptability, and readiness, will help simplify development and allow automation to achieve repeatable processes, all while avoiding potential risks that create downtime.


These nimble development solutions are in high demand and are coveted for the ability to streamline processes with an end to end approach that allow developers to simplify development, stay on top of the latest technology innovations, and build modern applications.

Among the Best Database Software Solutions

Here are our picks for some of the most valuable and agile database development solutions:

  1. Dell Software Toad Development Suite - Ranked number one in the "Database Development and Optimization" software submarket by IDC in November 2015, Toad allows you to ensure repeatable processes, supported by agile database development, minimizes risks associated with changes to the database, and automate SQL automation. Most notably, its highly visual interface helps reduce the learning curve while supporting a wide variety of database platforms.

  2. Microsoft Visual Studio - Great to use to regulate the development life cycle as an imperative part of your application development. Visual Studio can help implement isolated development environment for each user. Team members can work simultaneously without interfering with other team members or projects. As its major added value, managing database change helps increase coordination efficiency among developers and database administrators.

  3. Oracle SQL Developer - As the first relational database designed for the cloud, it offers users the power and performance of a leading database delivered across a wide variety of the most popular application development technologies. It offers leading security, transaction processing, data warehousing, and big data as well.

  4. dbmaestro-best-database-software.pngDBmaestro TeamWork - An industry leader in agile database development and deployment, DBmaestro deals with conflicts and merges while relying on a baseline-aware-analysis build engine that “takes your database into safe automation.

    DBmaestro's unique technology ensures that a single source of truth is ensured, with their Enforced Source Control. DBmaestro also produces an audit trail that informs the user who did what to the database and limits access with their enhanced database security and regulatory compliance system.

  5. Idera DB Power Studio - One of the under-appreciated but still best database software solutions, this product combines 4 solutions that help build and maintain mission critical database applications, streamline the database change management process, and quickly pinpoint and fix performance bottlenecks:
    1. Multi-platform database administration
    2. Automate and manage complex database schmea changes
    3. Automate SQL Tuning and profiling
    4. Develop SQL code more efficiently

The Evoluton of the Agile Database Developer

The goal of a modern database developer is to expand the database's range of functionality. In this ever expanding industry, the objective remains the same: “help organizations extract value from data, integrate it with new and traditional sources, and ensure quality and security.”

This rapid evolution from rigidly structured data to databases that can handle different data structure, has allowed for each database administrator to work with the developer to customize the intricacies of building, developing, and reserving their database to their specific needs. 

Why Stop At Five?

These 5 companies are industry leaders in the field and as mentioned above have streamlined the database development processes. In so doing, they've played a big part in helping developers stay on top of the latest  innovations as they strive to build quality modern applications.

That said, we know there are others out there, perhaps less known, but just as worthy of our attention.

We can't appreciate what we're blind and deaf to so we're enlisting your help. Be our eyes and ears. Help make this list more complete. Add your top solutions in the comments below.


The database's limitations are slowly disappearing, as solutions have been put in place that allow for expedited and more secure processes. For organizations, choosing the best database software offering for your specific development needs is imperative to their long-term success. 

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