Using Jenkins and DBmaestro to Simplify Complex Database Automation

DBmaestro's Brady Byrd held a webinar yesterday showing how to use Jenkins and DBmaestro to simplify complex database automation. Jenkins' popularity and extensive usage made this webinar a great success, as Brady was able to take us on a practical demonstration of Jenkins & DBmaestro database releases.

In the webinar, Brady touched on the following topics:

  • Short background on Jenkins and how it became so popular, and why Jenkins and DBmaestro is a great combination for automated database releases
  • The need for orchestration in database releases,
  • Describing the end-to-end release process which DBmaestro can help you deploy

Brady then went on to discuss scenarios in which Jenkins and DBmaestro can be used together, as well as several basic DBmaestro commands, and some DBmaestro and Jenkins command combos.

Finally, Brady dove deep into how to integrate Git in order to ensure source control, and how to put the entire construction together using the Groovy Pipeline.

The practical demonstration was interspersed with questions throughout, and then followed by an exciting Q&A session, where Brady was able to expand further, almost to the point where he ran out of time!

If you missed out on this edition of the DBmaestro Academy, you can sign up for the next webinar in the series, Git-driven Database CI with Jenkins and DBmaestro. We look forward to seeing you there!


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