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Database DevOps:

Automate, Collaborate, Deliver & Win

Bridge the gap between traditional database management and modern DevOps practices.

Key Takeaways

  • 1 Accelerate deployments without sacrificing quality: Discover how intelligent database automation can streamline your release cycles while upholding high-quality standards.
  • 2 Unify database change management: Learn how to effectively manage all database modifications (code, structure, content) across all development teams and ensure a single, reliable source of truth for every database change.
  • 3 Seamless DevOps Integration: Explore strategies for integrating all your database activities into a cohesive DevOps pipeline, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

On Demand Webinar

Meet the Speakers

Yaniv Yehuda

Yaniv Yehuda

CPO and co-founder at DBmaestro


What will you learn?

Traditional database deployment processes are slow and error-prone and only a small percentage of organizations can deploy database changes daily. Siloed workflows between developers and DBAs create bottlenecks.

This webinar will bridge the gap between traditional database management and modern DevOps practices. We'll explore how to leverage DBmaestro and other popular DevOps tools to achieve:

  • Reduced downtime and system crashes, which can cost upwards of $9,000 per minute
  • Improved collaboration between database and DevOps teams to accelerate releases
  • Faster feedback loops and higher quality deployments
  • Database compliance and governance
  • Increased database security, leading to a full DevSecOps solution

Who should watch?

DevOps Experts

Learn how to automate and accelerate database releases while mitigating risks and seamlessly integrating database CI/CD into your DevOps toolchain


DBAs & Database Pros

Discover how you can reduce manual work and automate code reviews to save time and improve quality


Devs & Architects

Understand how you can build, test, deploy and verify database schema migrations, accelerate feedback loops and boost cross-team collaboration


Learn how you can accelerate your release pipeline with
DBmaestro while ensuring secure, seamless, and audited
high-quality releases, every time.