DBmaestro’s enforced source control underpins a fully automated process that identifies and prevents pitfalls that can break your deployment.

  • Guarantee a single source-of-truth for all your database development assets - schemas, procedures\code and table content (Meta Data)
  • Documented history of all changes and an audit trail - See who made what changes, when, and why
  • Prevent code overrides and conflicts, configuration drifts, and other causes of instability with check-in\check-out and database object locking
  • Work within your familiar Oracle and SQL Server IDEs
  • Seamless integration with your task-based system (like Jira and TFS) to connect DB changes with the relevant code changes
  • Synchronize all changes with your existing ALM (like SVN, TFS, etc.)
  • Lay a solid foundation for database automation - Continuous database integration and deployment

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