2018 Database DevOps Survey Report

Results of the 2018 Database DevOps Survey Are In!

Now you can compare your Database DevOps adoption rates to those of your industry peers with this comprehensive report.

Whether you're in the early stages of DevOps implementation or you've already implemented DevOps best-practices across all of your production application, it's critical to understand if you had extended those practices to the database. These findings are presented in this report.

The 2018 Database DevOps Survey Report presents up-to-date statistics based on responses of over 200 DevOps and database professionals.

Download this FREE report to get the newest data on:

  • Database DevOps adoption rates

  • Database deploy changes frequencies and improvement over time

  • Top risks and reasons for errors when making changes to the database
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devops for database 2018 survey report


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A sneak preview...

  • How Do You Perform database changes
  • How Often do you fear making database changes
  • Last Time your database crashed