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DevOps tools

vs DevOps culture

Just Using DevOps Tools May Not Be Enough

Key Takeaways

  • 1 Using DevOps tools is not enough
  • 2 How to adopt DevOps culture
  • 3 Including the database

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Meet the Speakers

Yaniv Yehuda

Yaniv Yehuda

CTO and co-founder at DBmaestro


What will you learn?

Most enterprise organizations use Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, git and numerous other CI/CD tools in their everyday operations.

However, just using these tools without the proper framework might not be enough to completely roll out a proper DevOps initiative.

In this webinar we will cover how you can push your organizations towards adopting DevOps culture throughout the organizations in order to:

  • Avoid downtime and system crashes
  • Improve collaboration between developers and DBAs
  • Shorten feedback loops
  • Deliver faster while improving quality
  • Optimize DBA time
  • Simplify compliance and audit processes

Who should join?

DevOps Experts

Learn how to automate and accelerate database releases while mitigating risks and seamlessly integrating database CI/CD into your DevOps toolchain


DBAs & Database Pros

Discover how you can reduce manual work and automate code reviews to save time and improve quality


Devs & Architects

Understand how you can build, test, deploy and verify database schema migrations, accelerate feedback loops and boost cross-team collaboration


Acelerate your release pipeline with
DBmaestro while ensuring secure, seamless, and audited
high-quality releases, every time.