Enforcing DevOps Organizational Policies in Finance Institutions

Enterprises' transition to Agile development has led to a dramatic increase in the number of releases and development cycles. It has also intensified the challenges of controlling, tracking, and auditing changes to the application and database. This has led to critical errors, data loss, and costly downtime.

Watch DBmaestro Co-founder and CTO Yaniv Yehuda explain how to:

  • Put an automated security policy in place for your database DevOps

  • Automatically control who is authorized to make changes to the database, in which scenarios, and when

  • Reduce the risk of a million-dollar downtime by 80%


Featured Experts:

Yaniv Yehuda Round
Yaniv Yehuda
and Co-Founder
of DBmaestro
Yaniv Yehuda is the co-founder and CTO of DBmaestro, an enterprise software development company focusing on database development and deployment technologies. Yaniv is also the co-founder and the head of development for Extreme Technology, an IT service provider for the Israeli market. 

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