Continuous delivery is growing rapidly. As more companies find themselves developing and maintaining applications – either proprietary applications for employee use or consumer-facing applications as a component of their larger business model – the need for greater agility to keep up with business needs and consumer demands becomes obvious.

These goals are in line with the priorities of CIOs, and a DevOps for Database solution can help organizations overcome the common challenges development teams face in keeping pace with the speed of business.

This white paper covers key selling points for pitching your CIO on the value of DevOps for database:

  • Continuous Delivery Continues to Grow
  • Your Database is Being Left Behind
  • Understanding the Application-Database Development Disconnect
  • Implementing DevOps for the Database: Why Baseline-Aware Analysis is Key
  • DevOps for Database Yields Numerous Benefits for CIOs




How to Pitch DevOps for Database to your CIO.png