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Let us show you how database continuous delivery can play a critical role in fast and safe application shipping, while reducing critical application downtime.Demo.png
Join our demo and learn how:

  • To identify the gaps in database automation and analyze why there is a mistrust in automation for the database and the steps to overcoming it 
  • To enforce database change policy
  • Our solution integrates fully into your current development environment, working seamlessly with task-based systems, ALM tools, and other build-and-release automation software.
  • To enhance database security and regulatory compliance

See why Barclays, Visa, Isracard (MasterCard), Frost Bank, Thomson Holidays, and Bank Leumi use our DevOps for Database solution.

DBmaestro engineer, Cindy Bean, will give a free 45-60 minutes demo of our DevOps for database solution on every other Thursday.