The State of Database DevOps in 2019

Latest Survey Results

Every year DBmaestro runs a survey of DevOps professionals, hoping to get their input on the state of DevOps as they experience it, and especially as it pertains to databases.

Yaniv Yehuda & Brady Byrd, will dive deep into the results of the 2019 survey and their implications.


Featured Experts:

Yaniv Yehuda
and Co-Founder
of DBmaestro
Yaniv Yehuda is the co-founder and CTO of DBmaestro, an enterprise software development company focusing on database development and deployment technologies. Yaniv is also the co-founder and the head of development for Extreme Technology, an IT service provider for the Israeli market. 
Brady Byrd
Senior Solutions Architect Brady Byrd started life out as a geochemistry research scientist at the beginning of computer control of analytical instruments. With a knack for procedural languages, he was rapidly sucked into the software side of things and science faded into the background. In 2009, as a founder in a release automation, he jumped into the nascent DevOps movement. He is currently pouring his energy into addressing the challenge of database DevOps automation with DBmaestro.

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