02 Oct 2017

How Do You Do Database DevOps? The DBmaestro Survey

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How do you stack up?

Where do you stand when it comes to DevOps for your databases? What are comparable companies doing? Should you panic? Answering these questions will be made much easier by...

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25 Sep 2017

Your Questions, Our Answers: Oracle Database 12c SQL & PL/SQL

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Ever since I first ran the webinar, Oracle Database 12c SQL and PL/SQL New Features & Development Best Practices, I've received a lot of feedback and even more questions on the subject. In this...

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13 Sep 2017

Lessons from Yahoo! How to Implement Continuous Delivery

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Several years ago, continuous delivery was a new concept being tried by a small group of early adopters. Boy have things changed! Now, continuous delivery, or CD, is a practice that companies big...

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06 Sep 2017

IT Controls: How Far to Take the "Version Everything” Mantra

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If you work (or are otherwise interested) in the world of IT, chances are you've heard the mantra  “version everything". For the last ten years or so the industry has been taken over by talk of...

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29 Aug 2017

4 Team Foundation Server Limitations & What to Do About Them

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Team Foundation Server (often abbreviated to TFS) is a Microsoft product designed to assist with your source control, reporting, project tracking, workflows and collaborative software development...

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22 Aug 2017

Tackling Your Toughest Release Management Challenges

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It's a beautiful thing when you can devise an elegant solution to a stubbornly persistent problem. In many ways, that's what DevOps tooling is all about.

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16 Aug 2017

Oracle RDBMS Optimizer Hint: Boost INSERT Statements With APPEND_VALUES

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One of the most common ways to improve the performance of an INSERT operation is to use the APPEND optimizer hint.

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07 Aug 2017

DBA Responsibilities: How They're Changing and Why

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The growing popularity of DevOps as well as virtualization, cloud data storage, and micro-services tools means that the role of a database administrator is constantly changing.

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30 Jul 2017

How Source Control is Handled Differently in Native Code and Database Deployment

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Motivated by reports of the benefits, including quicker time-to-market, reduced costs, and higher quality products, an ever increasing number of organizations are implementing DevOps.

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05 Jun 2017

Open DevOps 2017: Disruption, Collaboration & Perpetual Iteration

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Open DevOps 2017 has just successfully concluded. This year the event took place in Milan and in Rome respectively on the 16th and on the 18th of May.

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